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7. Q. What is the correct way to pay auto transporters for vehicle shipping service of an automobile?

A. Auto transporters will accept payment in form of major credit cards such as Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Visa. Also you can pay for your car transport service in Cash and cashier checks. When scheduling your automobile for delivery you have the option to pay for the auto transport service in full upfront using credit card, personal or cashier check and money order. There is also an option to pay a minimum deposit up front and then pay the remainder when your vehicle is delivered to you.  Most car transporters need to either get paid a minimum deposit or paid in full in order to schedule your vehicle for pick up with one of there auto transport carriers. This is because they need to calculate the car delivery route and make sure their auto transport carriers are fully loaded with vehicles. Most individuals opt for paying an initial deposit upfront (between $100 - $200) and then paying the auto transporters the remainder at time of car delivery at their destination. If you did pay only the deposit price, then once the auto transporters deliver your automobile you will have to pay the rest in c.o.d. (cash on delivery) or a cashier check. Make sure to ask the car shipping company what payment options they accept at time of booking or when asking for a quote rate.
Note: the auto transport driver who delivers your vehicle will not take credit card at time of delivery.
Note 2: When the car transport company delivers your vehicle and you happen to notice some damage that was not on your automobile prior to transporting, then you should NOT settle this matter with the money you have to pay the vehicle transportation driver. The correct thing to do would be to note the damage on the bill of lading and have the car transport driver sign it, because all accusations of damage will have to be settled with the vehicle shipping company and not the driver as an individual.

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