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2. Q. What kind of auto transporters carriers truck will my vehicle be transported on?

A. Vehicle shipping is done using the same loading trucks seen on highways bringing new cars to dealerships. The truck most auto transporters use can transport between 8 – 10 vehicles depending on the actual carrier truck being used for delivery. Now if your car gets delivered on an 8 car carrier vs. a 10 car carrier makes little difference for you. What does make a difference is if the auto transporters carrier is enclosed or open.  In the time of booking you have a chose to select enclosed car transport service but this comes at an increased rate. Most automobile owners that request enclosed car transport service have luxury, antique or exotic vehicles that require special handling. Open sided car delivery carriers usually charge a few hundred dollars less then enclosed transportation service, but price will usually reflect the destination the auto transporters will have to travel as well as the season.

Auto transport is made a bit more complex by the fact that the loading trucks are about 75-80 feet in length (to help you visualize this, that’s about twice the length of the average freight carrier or moving truck) and can not drive around in residential neighborhoods mainly do to maneuverability on narrow roads. Auto transporters are restricted to main roads and thoroughfares, so when choosing a pick-up and delivery location, this car transport reality must be kept in mind.

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