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1. Q. How long do auto transporters take for shipping a vehicle?

A. The amount of time it takes for car transport or vehicle shipping always depends on the distance you need your automobile shipped. A vehicle shipping assignment from New York to Los Angeles can take over 10 days, while a vehicle shipping assignment from New York to Chicago might take half of that. If auto transporters are given about two weeks notice of your desired shipment dates, better service can be guaranteed as there is more time to plan. It is customary practice to give auto transporters an expected three-business day window for the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Auto transport time also can be affected by where the vehicle is placed in the loading truck, as the first on are usually the last off.

Auto transporters are always willing to deliver your automobile to a central terminal location. These terminals are used for holding vehicles that need to be shipped or to keep automobiles in which the owner was not available at time of car delivery.

Customers are always welcome to pick up their vehicle from these auto transport terminals. It is important to note this when booking your vehicle shipping service with the auto transporters.

NOTE: Auto transporters usually have dedicated delivery terminals which are located nationwide and in multiple locations through out a given state. To locate an auto transport terminal in your area, simply ask the vehicle transporter whom you are arranging to ship your automobile.

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