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Motorcycle Shipping Tips
Below, one of our advertising shipping companies has provided some motorcycle shipping tips. We hope they will be informative so your motorcycle shipping experience is pleasant. By taking a few simple precautions you can prevent harm to your vehicle while it is in transport. Follow all the steps to ensure a quick and safe vehicle shipping service.

TIP1: Make sure to clean your motorcycle prior to shipping. It will be helpful when you and the driver are inspecting the motorcycle for any markings or damage that are present before vehicle shipping.

TIP2: If there are special instructions for operating your motorcycle be sure to inform the driver on pickup.

TIP3: Make sure the motorcycle pick up and drop off locations that you specify are accessible by tractor-trailers.

TIP4: Secure the motorcycle battery and protect your battery cables from causing an electrical short. Do not overfill your vehicle's fluids and be sure that no fluids are leaking before shipping.

TIP5: Find out the weight of your motorcycle prior to transport.

TIP6: The fuel tank of your motorcycle should be empty or near empty during vehicle shipping to prevent leaks and spills.

TIP7: Remove the keys from your motorcycle and keep the steering unlocked. The keys and paperwork should be sent via mail with FedEx.

TIP8: Fold your bike's mirrors in if possible to protect them from damage.

TIP9: The motorcycle forks should stay unlocked for easy handling during shipping.

TIP10: Remove all personal items, loose objects and empty your saddle bags of any cargo. Property that is included with your motorcycle shipment will not be insured.

TIP11: Someone must be present at the chosen shipping location during the drop off of your motorcycle or ATV.

TIP12: Provide the correct contact information and phone numbers that are direct lines to the person or persons that should be contacted concerning your motorcycle shipment.

TIP13: An inventory sheet signed by the transport carrier is a useful document that shows what vehicle was transported and when.

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