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3. Q. Most Auto transporters offer door-to-door shipping service for a vehicle, what does this mean?

A. Service from auto transporters are as close to door-to-door as possible. Due to the gigantic size of auto transport loading carriers they can’t ship your vehicle to your door if you are living in a residential neighborhood, but they will map out where you live and find the closest possible location for you to complete your automobile transport. Most customers drive less than ten minutes to pick up their auto after it has been transported. If you happen to live on a main street (which is 2 lanes in width) with high clearance, your vehicle shipping can be completed literally with door-to-door service delivery. Be on call when your car transport driver is picking up or dropping off your vehicle, as accessibility is always an issue in auto transporting and the driver may need to complete your auto transport at a local supermarket or mall.

As a note, it is a good idea to supply auto transporters with more the one phone number to make sure they can reach you during time of delivery. For example, if you only gave the auto transporters you home phone and during delivery you happen to be outside chatting with your neighbor for a couple of hours you may miss any contact with the car transport driver. This can cause you to delay receiving your automobile as well as hold back the transporter because he has to wait around in order to reach you. A cell phone number is advised, make sure it is charged and with you during the expected delivery arrival days of your vehicle.

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Note: All auto transpoters listed on are licensed and bonded carriers who specailize in shipping a vehicle with door to door delivery service. Road conditions and street restrictions apply as with any door-to-door vehicle shipping service.