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Frequently Asked Vehicle Transport Questions
Below, are answers to a list of questions and concerns regarding shipping a vehicle. We hope the answers below will be informative so your auto transporting experience is pleasant.

FAQ's on topic of vehicle shipping:

Q: How do I determine the time frame of shipping my vehicle?
A: Various factors can determine the timeframe of your shipment. For example, the carrier needs to fill all the spaces on the truck before it can roll. This means it could take longer or short than you expected initially based on the current industry needs. Consider that shipping your vehicle is never a guarantee in regards to time. All timing issues are a strict estimate.

Q: When should I contact the auto transporter?
A: The auto transporter will need a minimum of 2 weeks notice to ship your vehicle. It’s best to contact the transporter as early as possible to get the best rate and guaranteed spot on the truck. Some companies may offer an express service.

Q: How long will it take the company to pick up my vehicle?
A: When choosing a pick-up date, your best bet is to give yourself a three-day buffer window. Most transporter companies cannot guarantee a specific day. When transporting a vehicle, you’ll need to remain as flexible as possible.

Q: How are shipping cost calculated for my vehicle?
A: Your cost will be determined by the size, weight and distance of the travel.

Q: Am I required to leave a deposit?
A: It’s typical that you will be required to leave a small deposit, but some companies may not require anything down when you make the appointment.

Q: How and when do I pay?
A: You will pay upon delivery of your vehicle. Most companies accept cash, cashiers check or a major credit card. Confirm with your shipping company before assuming the accept a certain type of payment.

Q: Can I leave my personal items in my vehicle?
A: No. Under no circumstances should you leave personal items in your vehicle. If you choose to leave something in your vehicle, the shipping company and your insurance policy are not responsible for any stolen or damaged items.

Q: Is my car covered under insurance during the transport?
A: It’s recommended that you purchase specific insurance for this type of transportation. Most transport companies offer an insurance policy that would cover any damage or theft to your car.

Q: Does my car have to be working to ship it?
A: No. You can ship any vehicle, wether it’s working or not. Be prepared to pay extra for vehicles that aren’t running. This is due to the fact that the shipping company will have to manually load and unload the vehicle.

Q: What if I can’t make the pick-up time?
A: If you’re unable to make it to the pick-up location at the time of delivery, you will need to contact the transport company and give them the name of the person picking up the vehicle in your place. If no one is present to receive the vehicle, it will be placed in storage, with extra expense.

Q: How much gas should I leave in my tank?
A: According to the Department of Transportation, you are not allowed to ship a vehicle on a full tank of gas. You should leave your fuel tank 1/4 or less full.

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* FAQ's about this website directory

Q: Does this website ship vehicles?
A: No. Our this website is not involved with the actual shipment of your vehicle. Our website is an online database for people who want a one-stop site to shop for the best price in auto transportation.

Q: How does your website work?
A.Head over to our free quote form and fill it out with the required information. Once we have the information we will contact various companies for their rate, compile them and send them to you. You will also be connected to different transport companies the same-day and sometimes within seconds.

Q: Am I required to use the companies that I connect with?
A: No, you have no obligation to use any of the vehicle transport services that contact you. This is a free service and it is up to you, which company if any, you would like to choose.

Q: How do I choose the right company?
A: Some of the best ways is to verify the companies credentials. Ask for a list of references, search review online and visit the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind that not everything online is reliable.

Q: Are all the carriers listed on this website licensed and bonded?
A: Yes all the companies listed on this directory are licensed and bonded carriers. In general, before you book any shipment with a company you should ask for there license number and other details so you can look them up before using them to make sure they are legit.

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