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Tips: Did you know that a easy way to save money on your auto shipping service is to simple book your delivery at least a month in advance.






Carl Dautolly is a retaired car transporter who was in the auto shipping business for over 25 years. To keep busy Carl writes articles for local papers on auto related topics. If you got an auto shipping question, just fill out the above form and your answer will be posted on in the section on auto shipping questions. If your auto transport question is time sensitive please make note of this. Most auto shipping questions may take 1-2 weeks depending on the volume of questions that are waiting to be answered before yours.

Read some recent auto shipping questions below:

What is a auto shipping broker?
When i transport my car is there auto shipping insurance?
I would like to know if it's allowed to have a customer mount the car transport truck to unload his or her own vehicle at the time of the drop off?
The vehicle i wont to ship does not start. Is it still fit for shipping?
I will be shipping my car on an open sided carrier. This car is always garaged kept, What can i do to protect the paint finish from weather elements during transport?
My car has 20 inch tires and rims and is lowered, will this cause a problem for the car transport company?

Why does it cost more to ship my car enclosed auto shipping Vs. open transporting carrier?
How does work, and what exactly is it?
Carl, who exactly are you? And what makes you an auto transport expert?
Is a broker?
Hello Carl, this is my first time using auto-car-transport for auto shipping, what Is your best advice?
What is the best way to get a cheap price for auto transport? my vehicle is a clunker and i dont wont to spend that much for auto transport.
Will my car be delivered right to my front door of my new home?
I am shipping my car on an open sided carrier to upstate New York where it has been snowing heavily for the last two weeks, any advice as to how to protect it?

I just bought a Porsche turbo from a dealership in Florida, I know I want to use an enclosed carrier because I want the car to arrive in the same condition that I saw it advertised in; are all enclosed auto shipping carriers the same?
How long would it take for my 69 Camero to be shipped from Dallas Texas to Madison Wisconsin?

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