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Q. Hi I would like to know if it's allowed to have a customer mount the car transport truck to unload his or her own vehicle at the time of the drop off delivery?

A. I am assuming that the reason that you wish to unload the vehicle yourself is that either the automobile is very important to you so you don’t want somebody else driving it or that the vehicle is in someway harder to maneuver then most vehicles. I spoke to three different car transport carrier drivers and they had similar opinions. In the old days it was common for the vehicle owners to drive their own cars right onto the auto transport carrier with the idea being that they were already behind the wheel of the car. Today because of risk of damage to other cars or the risk that the car owner could get hurt getting off of the carrier car owners tend to not be allowed on the auto transport carriers. One possible exception might be the enclosed car transport carrier. If your car was the only vehicle onboard the enclosed car transport carrier then you couldn’t damage any other vehicles while unloading yours. If the problem is that your car is a little tricky to drive, most car transport carrier drivers have unloaded hundreds of cars before. When placing your vehicle shipping order make sure to mention your concern to the dispatcher. They might know a driver that specializes in car delivery of highly custom vehicles that will be willing to let you unload your own vehicle.

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