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Q. Why does it cost more to ship my vehicle enclosed car transport Vs. open auto transport carriers?

A. Most people who decide to ship their vehicle with enclosed auto transport carriers usually have an exotic automobile of some sort. With that said, you would have to look at the benefits of enclosed auto shipping vs. open sided auto transport carriers.

With an open sided auto transport carriers, you automobile will be exposed to many different things. First there is weather related elements that your vehicle will come in contact with, such as rain, sleet and snow. Second there is highway elements, such as dirt and small stones. Third is vandalism/theft. Open sided auto shipping IS safe, but no one has control over the above mentioned.

Most enclosed car transport trucks are very similar to open auto transport carriers, except that the sides and top of the truck are closed up. There are some photos of enclosed car transport and also here. Basically, your vehicle will arrive to you just as clean as when it was put onto the auto transport truck. You will not have to worry about weather, road debris and vandalism/theft as much as open auto transport carriers.

As for why enclose car transport cost more, there are many reasons. Mainly because enclosed car transport companies can not carry as many vehicles as open auto transport carriers. The choice is really up to you and based on the type of vehicle you have, it may be worth spending little more for the enclosed auto transport carriers service.

* Carl Dautolly and stress that you should re ask all questions or concerns to the broker or car transport company that does the actual car shipping. Carl Dautolly and do not take any responsibility for the information that is supplied.

If your need enclosed auto transport carriers or open sided truck auto shipping service you have come to the correct website. will put you in contact with professional auto transport carriers that will give you low auto shipping prices for the delivery of your vehicle nationwide and overseas. Auto shipping done right the first time and every time.

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