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Q. My vehicle has 20 inch tires and rims and is lowered, will this cause a problem for the car transport company?

A. Judging by your cars description, lowered, 20 inch tires and rims, sounds like you got a hot rod. Depending on truck that the car transport company has, they may run into a problem. If you will be transporting your vehicle on an open sided carrier truck, your car tires may be to large for the tracks of the auto transport trailer. This may result in scratched rims. Also, depending on how low your car is to the ground, the bottom front of the automobile may get damaged when being driven up as well as off of the car transport trailer. Again this depends on the type of car transport truck and trailer that the auto shipping company is using.

Your best bet is to spend a little more and ship your auto in an enclosed car transport trailer. Ask the car transporters if their enclosed trailers have hydraulic lift gates. The hydraulic lift lays flat on the ground and the car is driven onto it. Then, hydraulically it is lifted and your car is driven into the auto transport carrier. There are more factors that can play into this. Before you book the shipment of your vehicle, make sure to provide the car transporters with information such as, the make and model of vehicle, because if they have transported this type of automobile in the past they will know how to handle it. Also give them the ground clearance of your vehicle and any other information that would be helpful to them in determining what is the best method of transport for your car.

* Carl Dautolly and stress that you should re ask all questions or concerns to the broker or car transport company that does the actual shipping. Carl Dautolly and do not take any responsibility for the information that is supplied. is your directory and informational web resource for locating car transporters and vehicle shipping companies. Loaded with helpful information and easy to use, guides you down the right road for having a smooth car transport experience.

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