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Q. Personal Items in vehicle during auto shipping service

A. A lot of people who are getting auto shipping service usually want some extra personal items to be transported with their vehicle.
It is not recommended to transport personal items in your vehicle for important reasons:

  • Auto transport carriers are not licensed for transporting personal stuff. If is not covered by the auto shipping companies insurance why take a chance.
  •  You may increase the risk that your vehicle gets broken into. Car transport drivers do stop for rest and if your automobile is on an open sided carrier with lots of boxes in the back seat, there might be a chance that is will attract theft.
    Note: Car alarms have to be disabled during vehicle shipping service.
  • Packing items in your car will add extra weight to your vehicle, which will increase the auto transport carriers truck load causing it to use more gas. 
  • The driver of the auto shipping company has the key to your vehicle.
  • Items in your vehicle may shift around and brake during transporting.

Personal items you can leave in your vehicle during auto shipping service are:

  • Spare tire
  • Car jack
  • Automobile First aid kit
  • Safety Blanket
  • Vehicle road Reflector devise
  • Flashlight

There may be some car transport companies who will let you put some personal belongings in your vehicle for a small additional fee.
If you absolutely must put some personal items in your vehicle one idea which is not recommended, but possible to do is, if your automobile has a valet key (for valet parking) you can give this to the auto shipper and put stuff in your vehicles truck.  This way nobody will have access to truck of your vehicle except you.
Lastly, auto shipping companies are Not licensed by the government for shipping household and personal items, so if you can find another way to get those belongings to your other destination it may be worth it.
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