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Q. How to Inspect Car Before Auto Shipping service

A. Once the auto shipping company has arrived at your destination to pick up your vehicle, the first thing the auto transport carriers driver will do is start with an inspection of your automobile to see if there is any damage before they load it up onto the truck. At this time you should be going over all damages (if any) of your vehicle with the car transport driver.  Make sure to inspect all 4 sides of your automobile and the roof. Also if your vehicle is showroom new, then you should note this as well.
Note: don’t forget to make note of your vehicle mileage.

Take pictures of you car before auto shipping service?

It is not mandatory but high recommended to take photos of your vehicle before auto shipping service. This way you can date and attach them to the report (paper work) of your vehicle condition at pick up time. After the vehicle shipping company drops off your automobile at your desired destination you will be able to verify any damage that might of occurred during delivery of your car.

What parts of your vehicle should you take pictures of before the car transport driver loads it up?

Front & rear bumpers, doors, hood & roof, windshield and other windows, tires and rims (chrome dipped or sport). As well as any other part of your car you feel is in perfect condition.

Important: Damage to a vehicle does not always occur during car transport service but it is better to be safe then sorry in case something does happen. Always inspect your vehicle with the driver and make sure they sign off on all paper work before they load up your automobile onto the car transport carrier. Then once your vehicle gets delivered, again go over your vehicle with the car transport driver and have him sign off on anything that you might have noticed not being there before your car was picked up.
In conclusion, the more signed documented paper work you have the easier it will be to settle a case with a car transport company if damage did occur to your vehicle during auto shipping service. Next - Auto Shipping Insurance » 

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Quick Car Transport Tip:
Should a dispute arise with the auto shipping company, it is important to try to settle it with the carriers first before resorting to other methods. Most vehicle shipping companies work on client referrals and usually try to settle all matters in a civilized way.

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