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A. When the auto shipping company is at your drop off delivery location, you should be there to receive your vehicle. If you are unable to be present when the auto transport carriers arrives at your delivery destination, it is suggested to have an authorized person such as a relative or neighbor to be their to except your vehicle and sign off on any paperwork.  If you are not sure if you will be available, you can have the vehicle shipping company drop off your automobile at a central terminal in your area. Then you can pick up your vehicle from the terminal (which will be in your state) whenever it is convenient to you.
Note: If you Did schedule your vehicle to be dropped off at your home and you were Not available at time of delivery, the auto shipping company will automatically take your vehicle to a terminal and you may acquire additional charges for this. Remember, the car transporters are on a schedule because everybody wants to get their automobile as specified. By not being at your delivery drop off point, you are delaying all the other vehicles that are on the auto transport carrier truck. Please configure your schedule to work with the vehicle shipping company.

Auto shipping Dates for Pick Up and Delivery drop off

Be sure and ask the auto shipping company the expected pick up and delivery drop off times for your vehicle. Since unexpected delays may occur, auto shipping companies will give a 2-4 day window for pick up and delivery. It is recommended that you get all these car transport details in writing from the company.

If you are moving and you need your vehicle to be picked up or delivered on an exact date, then you should schedule your automobile to be picked up and or dropped off at a terminal. If  your vehicle is at a terminal, even if the car shipping company is a few days off schedule, your automobile will get loaded onto the auto transporters truck and delivered to your desired destination.
Note: With today’s advance in technology, when your vehicle does get picked up, the auto shipping company should be able to track your automobile with advanced GPS systems to give you a more exact time and day that your car or truck will arrive to you. Next - Auto Shipping
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