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It is recommended that your schedule your auto shipping service at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This is not to say that if you needed a next day pick up it would be impossible, it would just cost you more. Car transport companies use a 3-4 week window to try and better handle their auto transport carriers pick up and delivery routes.  Most auto transport carriers are driving across the United states passing through many different states, this takes time and you have to expect road delays do to construction, accidents and rush hours. Having a 3-4 week time frame gives the auto shipping company a better estimated pick up delivery time.

Auto shipping does have a season when the companies will be busier then other times. If you want to save some money and possible get your car faster, it would be to your advantage to ship your vehicle during off season car transport times. One of the most popular auto shipping times is the snow bird season. This is when people up north go down south to places like Florida to spend the winter. If you need vehicle shipping service during this time it is suitable to book your car delivery 2-3 months in advance.

Note: Keep in mind that when you schedule your car transport service, door-to-door pick up & delivery may take longer as well. If time is a major factor, opt of terminal pick up or delivery, ask your auto shipping company more about this. Next - Auto Shipping delivery » 


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