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Q. Auto shipping Inspection and Acceptance after car delivery of your automobile.

A. When auto transport carriers deliver your automobile to your desired destination, it is very important to check out your vehicle for any damages.  Ask the auto shipping driver for the original paper work which you signed off on stating your vehicle condition when it was picked up for delivery.  Do a thorough inspection of your automobile including roof, all 4 sides and the bottom of your vehicle.  You should also note the mileage of your vehicle from when it was picked up and dropped off.

Sometimes auto transporters may get to your drop off delivery location at night, this may be do to weather or traffic conditions. If this is the case, it would be recommended to meet the auto shipping company at a large shopping center with very bright lighting so you can inspect your vehicle better.  Another option would be to have a good flash light on hand to inspect your car with.
If you do notice any damages make sure to note them on the paper work and have the auto shipping driver sign and date it. This is paper work will be your only documentation for settling a dispute should one arise.

Note: If you are very worried about your vehicle getting damaged then enclosed car transport service would be recommended. Next - auto shipping dispute »
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Make sure to get a copy of all paper work from the car transporters before they leave your drop off delivery location.

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