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Our Auto Transport Reliability program

Many individuals who come to Auto-Car-Transport are looking for vehicle shipping companies who are reliable. We strive to get the best car transporters that are in the business on our directory and always remove auto transport companies that do not provide quality service. We are pleased to present our “Auto Transport Reliability Program” which is currently active for the car shipping companies on our directory.

The mission of the “Auto Transport Reliability Program” is to create an atmosphere were the vehicle shipping companies hold a certain level above average in there service that they provide to customers. Also, there is a list of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be approved into the “Auto Transport Reliability Program”. A second purpose for the auto transport reliability program is, if a problem does arise, individuals have a place were they can turn and we can assist them in resolving disputes.

Active auto transporters have our Reliability Program emblem on there web sites. If you click on the emblem you will be taken to a page with more information about the auto transporter. Also, you will find all contact info about the auto transport company such as the name of the individual in charge, mail address, phone/fax numbers, web site URL and more. is in no way shape or form involved in the move or booking of your vehicle. We are a vehicle shipping directory just like Yellow Pages, except specifically for finding auto transport and car shipping companies.

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