Reliability Program auto transport  

Reliability Program Requirements

The primary purpose of the reliability program is to insure that the companies that quote shipping rates maintain a high level of integrity. This is accomplished by setting strict membership requirements, companies whose practices are suspect or improper are not allowed into the reliability program. The secondary purpose is that if a problem, dispute, or disagreement does arise, customers have a resource to assist them in resolving their dispute.


Companies who are members have met or exceeded all of the following requirements.

1. Companies must agree to respond to any complaint or dispute within 72 hours.
2. Companies must agree to honor all decisions by the reliability program’s board of trustees, resolving disputes in the exact manor prescribed by the board.
3. These resolutions must be completed in a timely manor.
4. Each company must be in business for a minimum of one year.
5. Companies must have resolved all past complaints in accordance with the board’s directives.
6. Carriers must keep on file with the board of trustees the names of all current owners and partners, current address and telephone number, and any other past names the company has done business as.
7. Each company must agree to conduct business in a manor that will not jeopardize their good standing in the reliability program.
8. Carriers agree to provide only quotes that they know they can honor.
9. Companies agree to follow the “truth in advertising” guidelines set forth in the bylaws.

Membership in the reliability program does not guarantee that all the member companies will always provide flawless service. Companies will from time to time make mistakes. What the reliability program does is to provide a method to resolve these errors. Complaints should be sent using our contact form
Although past performance should be an indicator of future behavior and reliability, assumes no responsibility for the actions of any of the member companies.