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You may be able to save a lot of money if you ship your bike a few times a year. A wise investment if you need to transport your motorcycle every few months is to purchase a motorcycle crate. Crates are mad with a wide range of materials. A wood crate can cost up to $400 but will pay itself off in one or two shipments. If you build a relationship with a motorcycle dealer, you may be able to acquire a crate free of charge.

After you’ve purchased your crate, you’ll want to make sure you know how to use it properly. Tying down your bike appropriately within the crate is an essential aspect of making sure your shipment is a success. It’s important that you also remove any fluids before placing your bike in the crate. The motorcycle needs to be completely inclosed in the crate to ship properly. The typically size of a crate is 98”x47”x50”, which may lend some extra room for certain motorcycles. If your bike is smaller than the crate, you may need to purchase custom foam or pack it tight with styrofoam.

If you feel that your motorcycle is moving around too much or that the structure itself is weak, you can place a piece of plywood within the crate, just a bit smaller than the crate. Placing plywood in the crate will secure the bike and the crate, giving you peace of mind.

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