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Motorcycle Crate Requirements - 5 Steps to follow

If you’re shipping your motorcycle, using a crate, certain requirements are in place. In order to ship a bike with a crate, the bike cannot be any larger than 98 inches in length, and 44.5 inches wide. Below are the five easy to follow steps to making sure your motorcycle shipment meets the requirements:

  1. Take your motorcycle to a shipping terminal, which are typically located at all major airports throughout the U.S. If you’re having difficulty locating a terminal, contact your local vehicle transport company and they can usually advice you to the closest one.
  2. Remove all fluids from the bike and disconnect the battery to ensure safe travel.
  3. Personally push your bike into the crate and slide the wheels of the bike into the grooves on the floor. This will keep it in place during delivery.
  4. To ensure the bike doesn’t move and travels safely, tie down the motorcycle using at least 4 points. Each point will balance your vehicle perfectly straight and keep it tight in place.
  5. Use your own lock to secure the door of the crate. There are many different locks, make sure to buy a quality one.


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