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How is my car loaded up during transport?

Enclosed car transporters use hydraulic lift gates. Each car is level loaded, preventing any strain on the drivetrain or suspension and ensuring no undercarriage damage when driven onto the car transport carrier. This allows for the safe loading of any low ground clearance cars. Then the car is safely driven into the car transport trailer and ready for delivery.

Is my car secure while is transport?

Most car transporters use high strength automotive tie-down straps connected to the auto transport carrier trailer frames. This will keep your car safely in place during transport service. When your vehicle gets picked up you can watch the driver secure your automobile in place on the transport carrier.

Why do enclosed Car Transporters charge more for shipping a vehicle?

Enclosed auto transport carriers service is a more luxurious way for your vehicle to get delivered. Think of it as flying first class on a plane. You pay more for comfort and some added extras.
Some reasons enclosed car transporters charge more then standard auto transport: a) your car is being transported in an enclosed car transport carrier trailer which is sealed off on all sides of the truck.
b)they carry less cars but still have the same expenses as a standard open auto transport carriers.
c) the cars they are transporting are exotic, show or luxury cars that require different handling.
d) Air ride: All vehicles feature air-ride suspension for the smoothest ride for your vehicle.
Read more on the difference of enclosed car transport.

*Further pricing information can be obtained from the car transport company you chose or ask your questions in the "additional information" box on the free rate quote form on our site.

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