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1. Do not store personal items in your car. NO car Transporter is licensed to transport items in the automobile. Car Transporters will not be held responsible for damage to any personal items stored in a car during transport. We strongly discourage loading personal items in the vehicle to protect the customer. Damage to goods, damage to the car interior, and theft are all real possibilities.

2. No more than 1/4 tank of gas in your car. Less fuel, less weight, safer shipment during transport.

3.Any car alarm system should be disabled prior to transport.

4. Proper antifreeze levels in your car radiator will protect your vehicle when getting delivery service in cold weather conditions.

5. Car tires should be inflated to their manufactured recommended pressures, to insure safe loading and unloading. If pressure is to low it might cause your automobile to bottom out when getting unloaded off the auto transport carriers truck.

6. Before you shipping a vehicle its a good idea to wash the automobile for accurate inspection before and after delivery. Also, if you want to give your vehicle some added protection during transport put on a heavy coat of wax to prevent Dust and Debris from attaching itself to your car.

7. When your vehicle is delived, make sure to inspect your car. Also get all paper work and contracts from the auto transport carriers driver. If there is any damage to your vehicle you will find all the information about the carrier on your contract also called The Bill of Lading or Freight Bill. Remember to get all paper work from the auto shipping company and keep it in a safe place incase you have any problems.

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