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Delivery Meeting The Truck:

The most important aspect of picking-up your vehicle is to be on time. If you’r late during pick-up you’ll delay the sequential deliveries that are occurring after your pick-up. Keep in mind that not all cities and towns will allow a large truck to drive or park in certain areas, such as residential locations.
Before accepting the vehicle, take a detailed look at it and look for any damage. It’s best to have a check list or specific points that you’re looking over. Take your time and don’t allow the driver to rush you along. You will need to know if everything looks good before officially receiving the vehicle. It’s best to receive the vehicle during the day so that you have the proper light to see clearly. If its at night make sure to have a flash light handy or meet the driver at a near by shopping center which has good night lighting. If you think you see new damage to your automobile then ask the transport driver to see the pick up copy of your inspection report.

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