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Should Damage Occur duing Shipping: If you detect any damage, you will need to write down a detailed description, a photo and the driver’s signature. While damage rarely occurs during transportation, it is possible. Handling it the proper way will enable you to get the money to fix any damages in the shortest amount of time. Most likely it is wise to have a camera on hand so you can take pictures.

Dealing With Disputes: Who to Contact, What to Do
If you encounter a conflict, such as the driver denies the damages, you will still need to have the driver sign a complaint form. This form should state the damages you suspect occurred during the transport and the driver’s perspective. After you have the signed complaint form, contact the shipping company’s customer service directly. If the company will not address the issue, you can contact the U.S. Department of Transportation to dispute the claim. is your free way to find car transporters on a directory. Get free price rates from multiple transporting companies with one form.



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