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Pick-up of your Automobile

Always be one time for your pick up. One of the primary reasons delivers are not on time is because of customers not dropping off their vehicle on time. Keep in mind that your vehicle isn’t the only one that’s a part of the transport. Your delay can affect the rest of the trucks other deliveries. During the pick-up you’ll be able to meet your driver and clarify the drop-off location, day and time.

It is recommended picking up your vehicle in a large open area such as a shopping center so the car transporters truck has space to maneuver and load your vehicle safely.
If your pick up will be at night make sure you choose an area that has bright lights at night. Most shopping centers are well lite but some shut there parking lot lighting at certain hours. You will need the lighting so you and the truck driver can properly inspect your automobile for any damage.

* Also, it is recommended to have a camera handy and take photos of your vehicle before its loaded onto the transport truck. Usually 1-2 photos per each side of your vehicle should be enough.


The paperwork you fill out is extremely important. Do not simply sign on the lines. You’ll want to read each line and make sure that you understand what you’re signing. When collecting the paperwork, keep a copy for yourself and make sure you have the original inspection report. If you will not be the person to pick-up the vehicle at the delivery location, you should clearly describe the person and their name to avoid any confusion.

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