Automobile Shipping - information

Part 4

Before Shipping of your Automobile
Steps to Prepare your
automobile for Shipping

Before you ship your vehicle, make sure you clean it throughly and take note of any body damage or dirt. If you notice any prior damage it’s a good idea to take a picture to document the condition of your bike before shipping.

Remove any personal items from the bike. Your transportation company and the insurance policy on the bike most likely do not cover personal items. If you choose to leave personal items in the motorcycle, you’re at risk of loosing them without being covered.

If your vehicle has an alarm attached, be sure to disable it. If you forget to disable it and the alarms is triggered during the transport, there’s no way for the driver to turn it off.

You should not transport your vehicle with a full tank of gas. It’s recommended that you keep your vehicle between 1/8 and 1/4 full with gas. The more gas your bike has in it, the more weight the truck will have to pull.

Any external accessories need to be removed. Things, such as, fog lights, effects, spoilers, mirrors and antennae’s should all be placed safely in the car. Failure to remove these items could cause potential damage.

Before shipping your vehicle, be sure that the battery is fully charged and that the tires are at the proper PSI. If your vehicle has any known leaks or mechanical malfunctions, be sure to inform the driver before loading it. If there is a leak, the driver will know to place your vehicle on the bottom deck to ensure it doesn’t leak on the other vehicles being transported.

Inspect your vehicle right before you place on the transporter. This will make sure that there aren’t any disputes when the vehicle is delivered. Taking a photo is an excellent way to keep things documented. Make sure you date the photos in the event that they are required during a dispute.

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