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Door-to-door Shipping : What Does this service Mean.

Door-to-Door Automobile Shipping:
Door-to-door shipping simply means that the truck that’s delivering your automobile will get as close to the drop-off location within the boundaries of the law and general safety. Some cities have restrictions on where trucks can drive. For example, large trucks are commonly restricted from residential areas in many towns and cities. If the area of the drop-off is in restricted space, the driver will call you and make arrangements to meet at a location that is near you.

For example, lets say your house is located on off a very narrow road someplace. Chances are it will be a road hazard to have the Carrier park there truck on the road. You have to keep in mind, that want to have space to safely inspect your vehicle for damage. Sometimes its better to just meet a trucker at a nearby shopping center where they will have a easier time unloading your automobile. If a driver does get to your home and there is no space for them to deliver your vehicle it will just delay things more because they will need to find a safe unloading location.

So even though your getting door-to-door delivery, it would be wise to have a “plan B” (back up location) just in case an issue does arrise with your location.

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