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When Scheduling Automobile shipping:

If you have the same expectations of the Postal Service with a automobile shipping company, you will be disappointed. Shipping an automobile is not the same thing as mailing a letter. The delivery date provided for you is simply an estimate. Various circumstances can prohibit the automobile from arriving on time. For example, weather, traffic and mechanical complications can set the delivery back a few days. Also, customers can cause delays if the customer decides to switch the drop-off location or if the customer is late.
So if a company does tell you they guarantee a drop off date for your vehicle, just keep in mind that it might not be 100% accurate. Just keep in mind, most of these big trucks are hauling multiple cars that need to be picked up by customers. If just one customer delays the driver then all the rest of the deliveries will be delayed. The best thing to do is to try and be flexible with your dates or have a driver leave your vehicle at a terminal. Another option is to have a back up plan, like a friend or family member to meet the driver.

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