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How long do the auto transporters take to deliver vehicles?

By Carl Dautolly

Lots of people expect auto transporters to deliver there vehicle to them overnight. Planing ahead is one of the thing the individuals should do when it come down to transporting there automobiles. In reference to the above question, it has to be broken down into two parts.

First part is the pick up time. Pick up time is the amount of time that is needed to locate and assign an auto transporter truck once an individuals order has been received. Second part, Transport time is the period from which the vehicle is loaded on to the auto transporters carrier at the origin, throught the time it is delivered at the final destination.

Pick up time is normally between 2 and 10 days. Auto Transporters generally appreciate a three-business day window to schedule the pick up and delivery of your vehicle. It may take longer if the auto transporters have to go to remote locations that are a distance from interstate shipping lanes. Weather related elements and busy transport seasons (april through september) are other reasons as well. As you pick up date gets closer, you will receive a confirmation call giving you date and time frame detail.

Transit time in normally 8-10 days depending on route and location. Auto transport carriers usually carry has many as 9-10 automobiles at a time. The truck driver loads and unloads vehicles as he travels across country. Some time transport times may take less. For example, it only takes a truck 5 days to go from NYC to LA. If your vehicle is the last car to load and the first one to unload, a shorter delivery time frame is possible, however if your car is the first to load and the last to come off, then your transport time will be closer to 2 weeks. Also thing such as the number of hours a driver may be on the road in a given time period are federally mandated restrictions. Next, security checks at weigh stations pose delays as well.

The above are things you should keep in mind when planning your car transport. Some auto transporters offer such services as "guarenteed car delivery" and "express shipping service". These might be more expensive, but your vehicle will probably be placed on a truck that carries less automobiles, thous making the auto shipping company charge alittle more per vehicle. All in all, the best way to ensure a smooth transport is to plan ahead of time. Go back to main page on auto transport articles. next >

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