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Were to locate an Auto Transport company?

By Carl Dautolly

I started off by spending time looking for auto transport companies in the yellow pages. The problem with yellow pages is, Its hard enough to find a good auto transporter, let alone find the category that they fall under. Under the transport categorie, i got directed to look under categories such as logistics, freight forward, bus lines, railroads, taxi, towing and transportation. In the transportation category, there was only limousine and airport services. Towing category, had basic automobile transport carriers that would tow broken down cars only in the city they were located in. The shipping category had logistics, freight and moving companies. Moving category had companies that specialized in moving house hold goods.

After a half an hour of flipping through the heavy yellow book and fingers stained in ink, i finally located a list of about 3 auto transport companies. This number will vary depending on the the state/city of the yellow pages your looking at. The heading was "auto" in the category "auto transporters and drive-away companies". The transport companies had small advertisements and i never heard of them before. I jotted down there information, and moved on to my next means of locating an auto transport company, the information highway!

The easiest and fastest way by far in locating an auto transport company, has to be by doing a search on the internet. I got the best results using search engines such as and when looking for auto transporters online. Searches for Car Transport, Vehicle Shipping and Auto Transport, brought up the most results. They turned up results numbering way over a million web sites. I just found three in the yellow pages, and now i am staring over a million web site results in front of me on the internet. Shortly after visiting the first five results, which were all independent auto transport companies. I clicked into a auto transport directory, . They clamed to find you auto transport companies that are licensed, insured and delivered nationally and overseas. This directory was NOT an auto transport broker nor was it a transporting company. It was a directory which sent your transport information to transporter companies that were able to fulfill your delivery request.

I e-mailed them directly to find out more on how there directory worked. There management responded and stated that they were not an auto transport broker nor were they involved with the transport companies in anyway. They use proprietary software that sends your transport information, that you submit to there site through there "free quote form", to a listing of national and international auto transport and vehicle shipping companies. They said that personal information such as phone number and e-mail address are kept strictly confidential, and are NOT given out to outside sources. The auto transporters do NOT get your phone number or e-mail address at first, only if they are able to transport your vehicle type, on the date requested to the destination you specified, are they then el gable to receive your contact information in order to supply you with pricing information. They specified this helped you get real prices from dependable companies, that would be in your transporting area on the date you specified, thus resulting in faster service and lower prices for the customer. As for the auto transport companies that are on, they stated that they were all very experienced, reliable and many were members of the Better Business Bureau.

Using an auto transport directory such as, is a time saver as well as a money saver. It saves time because you don't have to spend time flipping back and fourth through the yellow pages. Also you don't have to spend countless hours online e-mailing dozens of independent brokers and auto transporters, which usually result in dozens of phone calls and e-mails for weeks following your move request. It saves you money because, you are getting price quotes back only from auto transporters that are able to fulfill your transport request on the date, location and vehicle specified. Auto Transport directory's, are a great way to assist you in narrowing down your search for locating and finding the right auto transport company. Go back to main page on auto transport articles. next >

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