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Q. I am on tight schedules do to relocation for work, how long does it take for shipping a vehicle and how much notice is needed for auto transport service?

A.Once you have placed your order for shipping a vehicle, your car delivery shipment will be scheduled depending on the dates that the auto transporters see on your order form. Make sure when you place your auto transport order, you ask for any specific delivery date. The auto transport carriers truck is then assigned to a driver and you will get a call from either the truck driver or the flatbed service personnel in order to schedule a pick up and delivery time and day for your vehicle.
It is during the pick up of the vehicle that the auto transport driver will do a complete inspection of the vehicle on a bill of lading, which you will be asked to sign and acknowledge. You are allowed to re-inspect the vehicle again upon delivery for any discrepancies. No claims will be paid unless there is an acknowledgement of any damage upon delivery of your vehicle.
Normal auto transportation time takes about 8 to 10 business days and may vary depending on the route and that prior notice of about two weeks was given before the date of the shipment. Auto Transporters like to have at least a window of three business days to schedule your pick up and delivery.
The closer the pick and deliver date gets, it is likely that you will get some type of confirmation call to give you a specific date and time of vehicle shipping. The auto transportation time is based on regular transporting time it takes for normal delivery. Sometimes shipping a vehicle can be done in less time than anticipated.
Normally, it would take an auto transport carriers truck about five days to go from New York to Los Angeles. If your car is the very last car loaded on the truck and the first on to unload at time of delivery, you will probably get a shorter delivery time. However, if your vehicle were the first to load and last to unload, you would probably see your car within two weeks. So it all depends on how the vehicle is loaded and unloaded on to the auto transport carriers truck.

* Carl Dautolly and stress that you should re ask all questions or concerns to the broker or auto transport carriers that do the actual shipping. Carl Dautolly and do not take any responsibility for the auto shipping information that is supplied.

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