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Q. I am searching for car shipping service and hear the term RO/RO, What does RO/RO mean?

A.RO/RO means Roll-On/Roll-Off. This is a service that means that the car will be rolled on and rolled off at each port of transport origin. It will be rolled on when it leaves one port and rolled off when it gets to the other.
This kind of car shipping service is only limited to certain US ports and some international auto shipping destinations.
This service is limited to only a select group of US ports and overseas destinations so contact your international car shipping company for this information.
If you are transporting your vehicle internationally, check with the customs office to ensure that there are no additional rules that you need to know about.
You need a bill of sale as well as the car title. These two items will authorize the shipping of the car. The Bill of Lading is necessary for international vehicle shipping.
There is another type called LO/LO which means lift on/lift off which uses a crane to load and unload the car. RO/RO cars are used on a built-in ramp.
Cars that are shipped internationally are usually moved on this larger type of cargo called RO/RO. These are referred to as Pure Car Carrier or Pure Car Truck Carrier. Be sure to ask any additional question regarding this to the international car shipping company you choose.

* Carl Dautolly and stress that you should re ask all questions or concerns to the broker or auto transport carriers that do the actual shipping. Carl Dautolly and do not take any responsibility for the auto shipping information that is supplied.

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