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3. Expansion of site: adding motorcycle shipping, overseas car transport and other vehicle transporting service.

Do to the many requests we have received from individuals who had trouble finding shipping companies for different vehicles, we have decided to widen our directory. As of this year you will be able to find transporting companies for shipping all types of vehicles including motorcycle, golf carts, tractors, large trucks, trailers, Snowmobile, jet skis, scooters, atv, boats etc. Also, the addition of overseas car shipping from inside the US out, as well as from outside the US in. Please make sure to ask your overseas car shipping company about any taxes or tariffs you may acquire during international transport of your automobile.

All these vehicle transport categories are easily viewable on the right hand side of the web site navigation. Make sure and fill out the correct quote form for the vehicle that you are going to transport. The separate quote forms for each vehicle transport category help our computer system breakdown and transmit your data on our secure server to the proper vehicle shipping and transport companies that specialize in your request. Note: do to the wide range of different vehicles, it would be wise to include a vehicle dimensions and or modifications in the "additional information" field on the free quote form.

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