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Motorcycle Fatality Rate Increase

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a gathering to discuss the state's increase in motorcycle related deaths. The gathering of the Department of Transportation has been called the first step in reducing motorcycle deaths. The law requiring a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet is just one of the important topics of the debate. Some riders find the helment to be restricting and can possibly obstruct your vision. One State Patrolman suggested that riders must wear a helment for 2 years after they recieve their motorcycle license.

Another topic was that 47- percent of the motorcycle fatalities so far this year happened on Harley Davidson motorcycles. This may be caused, indirectly, by motorcycle company dealerships. Some dealers persuade motorcycle buyers to buy a bike that is too big for an inexperienced rider to handle. The size and speed of today's motorcycles is also an important factor for riders to consider. The National Highway Safety Administration says that motorcycle engine sizes have increased by 25% over the last 10 years. It takes different skill to ride these modern bikes.

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