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Local motorcycle Bike Shop Wins Domain Name Battle

Source: Bismarck-Tribune

At a motorcycle shop in Bismarck, Tammy and Justin Bohn are fighting to keep above water after losing their dealership rights from KTM. This occurred after Tammy and Justin bought the domain names and for their Cycle Hutt. Afterwards the Austrian motorcycle company, KTM, decided they wanted to use those domains for themselves. Just as the Cycle Hutt was beginning to lay off employees The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ruled in favor of the Bohns’, allowing them the rights to use the domain names.

After they received the news there was much celebration at the Bohn’s cycle shop. Income from their website was integral to the wellbeing of the company. After KTM pulled their sponsorship of the bike company the Cycle Hutt’s profits dropped by thirty percent. The Bohns’ are now battling KTM for breach of contract after KTM dropped their dealership rights. The Bohns’ attorney mentioned there was a possibility of a trademark infringement lawsuit from KTM for the domains. Unfortunately, KTM’s attorney was not available for comment on the legal proceedings.


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