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Frequently Asked Motorcycle Shipping Questions

Below are answers to a list of questions and concerns regarding motorcycles shipping. The motorcycle transport FAQ's are short and informative. Taking the proper procedures when shipping a vehicle can make transporting your motorcycle safe, quick and easy.

Q - How long does it take to ship a motorcycle?
A - The most influential factors on the length of time a vehicle shipment takes are the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations, weather and traffic. These factors make it difficult to guarantee a delivery date but for most shipments allow seven to fourteen days for delivery.

Q - How much time in advance should I place my motorcycle shipping order?
A - On average two weeks in advance is recommended and should provide plenty of time to prepare your bike for shipping. We can also help you if you need a vehicle shipped with short notice. Please contact us if you have an urgent shipping situation.

Q - How long does it take for an auto carrier to pick up my motorcycle?
A - The average amount of time a shipping company takes to pick up a motorcycle is two to three days from the scheduled date. You can always arrange the pick up date and time to accommodate your schedule.

Q - How far in advance can I make shipping reservations?
A - Some motorcycle shipping companies accept reservations up to two months in advance, this may vary depending on the vehicle transport company.

Q - How do you determine the price of shipping a motorcycle?
A - The cost of shipping your motorcycle depends on the size and shipping destination.

Q - Do I need to pay in advance to ship a motorcycle?
A - Usually a motorcycle transport service will require a deposit and a signed order before you’re bike is scheduled for pickup. Upon delivery you may pay the balance with cash, credit, postal money order, or cashier’s check.

Q - What are my payment options?
A - Most companies accept personal checks, money orders by postal, cashier's checks and major credit cards (payments may vary depending on the motorcycle shipping company).

Q - Can I pack belongings in my motorcycle?
A - Department of Transportation ruled in 1998 that you should NOT put items in a vehicle on transport carriers. Trucks are occasionally have to be inspected, which includes unloading the motorcycles off the truck and items contained from the vehicle. Since not covered by the carrier's insuranceby the motorcycle shipping companies are NOT licensed to carry household goods or personal items. Belongings left in the motorcycle are shipped at the owner's own risk. Carriers will not note any items left in the motorcycle and will not assume responsibility for it.

Q - Are motorcycles insured during transport?
A - A motorcycle is insured based on its Blue Book value during shipment. Minor external body damage does not include motor/undercarriages or glass. For insurance purposes Classic & luxury cycles should have an up to date appraisal.

Q - Can my motorcycle be shipped if it's in-operable?
A - Most auto transport companies will ship your motorcycle if it is inoperable (not completely wrecked) at an additional service fee. Motorcycle tires must be inflated and be able to roll.

Q - What should I do if I’m unavailable to pick up the motorcycle on delivery?
A - Have a friend, relative or other trusted party sign on your behalf. If that isn’t possible your motorcycle may be delivered to a terminal for you to pickup.

Q - What if the truck carrier can’t reach my location?
A - Due to the size of the vehicle carriers it isn’t possible to reach most residential areas. The truck is too wide for narrow roads and too big to maneuver around trees, power lines and other factors. The driver will get as close to the delivery location as possible, or we will arrange a convenient location nearby where you will be able to pick up your motorcycle.

Q - How much fuel should be left in the motorcycle gas tank before shipping?
A - Transporting companies recommend the gas tank in your motorcycle should be below half full. The easiest way to empty your gas would be to simply ride your motorcycle till it gets low.
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