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Overseas Car Shipping Information:

For international car shipping service you vehicle must be in working condition or be able to roll. You vehicle should have less the half a tank of gas. Any keys you have for the automobile must be given to the international shipping company.

When it comes to overseas car shipping service customs can be tough. When bringing your vehicle to the port make sure and  haveat least 3 copyies of your vehicle title with each one being notarized.

The price for shipping a vehicle overseas is figured out on how many feet of space your vehicle will need. If your vehicle is modified make note of this to the auto shipping company so they can measure your vehicle once it arrives at the port. Very large vehicles will have to pay extra costs.

The price of car shipping does not cover any storage fees or custom duties at international destinations. Your price will include USA port fees.

International car shipping Insurance and time frame:

Catastrophic insurance is usually included in the rate you will receive from the car shipper.  You can also contact your insurance agent and ask the auto transporters about marine insurance.

Overseas car shipping can take about 12 – 22 days depending on the destination. If your vehicle has a transfer stop it may take an additional week to arrive at its destination. Be sure to book your international vehicle shipping service a good amount of time in advance.

The above International car shipping information may vary depending on the vehicle shipping company.

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International Car Shipping

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