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Winter Weather and Driving Your Vehicle

Freezing rain, snow, sleet, and ice; the post office works through all of this, it does not mean you need to travel in it. The first thing to remember about winter vehicle driving is doing it only when necessary. If you do not need to drive your car, then don’t. If you do need to drive, we are here to help you do it as safely as possible.

The weather always affects auto driving condition, especially in the winter. The cold in general effects your car. You should always listen to weather reports to know what to expect. Do a general preparation of your car for the winter season by replacing the battery, making sure your automobile tires are not bald and have enough air in them, make sure you have enough antifreeze, and get a tune-up.

Some things to keep in your car in case of emergency or just for general winter situations are a shovel, a first aid kit, a window scraper, a hat and gloves, blankets, snow boots, jumper cables, a bag of salt, an emergency breakdown kit, a tire jack, and a car tool kit. These supplies will allow you to be prepared for anything Mother Nature may throw at you and your vehicle way.

If you by chance do become stranded, try to stay calm. Call emergency auto  services, and if possible remain in your vehicle. Do not leave or attempt to walk and find help. Help will find you, so stay in your car. If you have enough gas, leave your car running with the heat on. If you are low on gas turn it on for 20 minutes at a time, and in the off time have the blankets in the car with you. To attract attention, turn on your hazards, light flares, or tie bright colored cloth to your vehicle antenna. Again, you are the most important thing, do not put yourself at unnecessary risk. Back to top

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