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Calling Emergency Personnel From Your automobile

Welcome to the world of cell phones! These mobile phones provide drivers with great benefits, one of which is the ability to call the appropriate emergency service without having to leave your vehicle. Emergency numbers vary from state to state, it may be 911 in your state but in the next state it may not be. Get a list of emergency numbers and keep them in the  glove compartment of your vehicle.

There are a couple of things to remember when calling in an emergency from your mobile phone. First, try to remain calm. The calmer you are the more detail you can give about the auto accident. Provide the emergency operator with as many details as possible. Give the location of the emergency, the nature of the emergency and any other pertinent facts.

After reporting an emergency, stay on the line with the operator until the emergency services arrive. This way you can pass along any updates on the situation to the operator. Also, there are many laws prohibiting the use of cellular phones while driving a car. However, aside from the laws making talking and driving illegal, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to provide accurate information while driving a car, so pull over to call. Back to top

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