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Rainy Day Car Driving

Wet roads are notoriously dangerous for driving a car. Your tires have trouble gripping the pavement and it takes longer to break. Skidding and hydroplaning are common occurrences on wet roads for most vehicles. Most people do not know this, but the most dangerous and slippery time on a roadway is the first 30 minutes after it beings to rain. These moments are when it is most crucial to drive your car safely.

To prevent skidding, drive slowly, and remain aware of other drivers around you. Most importantly, do not hit the gas or the breaks of your vehicle too hard. Sudden or jerky breaking is the leading cause for automobile skids. Do everything at a moderate speed and in smooth motions. If you do skid, remember to stay calm and not over steer your car. If your car does not have an anti-lock breaking system, do not use your breaks. Simply turn your wheel SLIGHTLY in the direction you want your auto to go. If your car does have an anti-lock breaking system (ABS) break firmly, and do not let off. You will hear a heavy thud sound repeating, this is a good thing, it means your ABS system is working, remember, do not let off the vehicle breaks.

Hydroplaning is different than skidding. Hydroplaning is the inability of your vehicle tires to cut through the water. They are simply gliding across the water. To avoid this make sure to always keep enough air in your car tires, and replace your tires as necessary before the traction is gone. A good way to avoid hydroplaning is to avoid puddles whenever possible. Drive in the tracks or tire marks other cars have made in front of you, and do not break suddenly. Breaking suddenly or too hard in the rain can put you and your vehicle in danger. Back to top

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