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Renting a Car Successfully

This can be very easy, or it can be very hard. If you are prepared and take the right steps renting a car will be a success every time. First, inspect your rental car carefully. Take notice of any markings, dents, dings or scratches both inside and outside of the vehicle and point them out to your auto rental agent. You do not want to get blamed or charged for any pre-existing damage on the vehicle.

After you have inspected the physical condition of the automobile, get acquainted with the setup and structure of your rental car. Sit in the driver’s seat, make your adjustments and just get used to the car. Move your vehicle seat, mirrors, and your steering wheel as needed. Check out the setup of the vehicle dashboard, where everything is located. Make sure to figure our what side of the car the gas tank is on. Turn on the vehicle and inspect that everything is in working condition. You have already inspected the physical condition, now inspect the mechanical condition of the auto. Test the turn signals, the lights, the horn and anything else you see fit to inspect on the vehicle.

After conducting your basic inspection take your rental car for a trial ride. Make sure you are comfortable driving that vehicle. After all, every automobile is different therefore they all drive differently as well.

Finally, review all of your auto rental service documentation. Go over all of the forms with your rental service auto agent. Clearly and thoroughly discuss all of your vehicle insurance coverage. Be familiar with your personal insurance policy and use it to determine whether or not to purchase auto rental service insurance offered to you by the agency. Make sure you put all of your documentation in an easily reachable place in case you need it.

After using your car rental, when it is time to return it, make sure you fill up the automobile gas tank. The auto rental agency will charge you almost double the retail price of gas to fill up the car if it is returned without a full tank of gas. When you turn in the car take the time to inspect the outside with your agent again, and sign all release forms. Take a copy of all forms to insure you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. Congratulations, if you followed our advice, you have successfully had an easy auto rental experience. Back to top

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