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What To Do If Your Car Catches on Fire

Whether it is your car or another vehicle on the road, an automobile fire is not only scary but it is dangerous and if not handled properly can be life threatening. Of course every car fire is different, but here are some good safety procedures to practice whether the fire is in your car or someone else’s.

If you are driving on a road when the fire starts, follow the procedures in our earlier article “What To Do If Your Car or Vehicle Breaks Down on the Highway”.  Once you have safely gotten off the road, you must first shut off the engine. After shutting off the engine, move as far away from the vehicle as possible, it is not safe to remain near the vehicle for you or anyone else, so keep everyone except emergency personnel away from your automobile as well. Make sure you, or someone else notifies the police and fire department. Most importantly, do not attempt to put out the fire yourself!

When involved in a car fire, you must put your personal safety above anything else. After all, your car is replaceable; you are not. Back to top

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