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What To Do When You Are Involved In A Car Crash: At the Scene

Our goal is to promote awareness and provide drivers with accident statistics, safety procedures and the important questions to ask when involved in an auto accident.  1 in 8 drivers will be in a car crash this year, and it is important that if you are one of those unfortunate people, you are prepared. You must remember to stay calm, however we understand that you will most likely be shaken up.  For this reason we are giving you some simple things to ask and do when involved in an auto accident.

  • Immediately after impact stop you car.
  • Turn off your car ignition. This will prevent a possible gas leak explosion.
  • Even if your vehicle is in the middle of the road, DO NOT move it. The location of your car is very important when attributing fault of the crash.
  • Check the health and possible injuries of all people involved.
  • Call the police and if needed, any other emergency services.
  • Get the name, license, and insurance information of the other vehicle driver.
  • If you have a camera handy, take pictures of the scene. If you do not have a camera, take a piece of paper and make a sketch of the scene. This will come in handy when dealing with the insurance company.
*Due to the stress and anxiety an accident can cause, we recommend printing a copy of this checklist, and leaving it in the glove compartment of your car. Back to top

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