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What To Do If Your Car or vehicle Breaks Down on the Highway

If you experience sudden car trouble while driving, here are some safe distress procedures for motorists.

First and most importantly, DON’T panic. Take your foot off the gas, and do not attempt to stop the automobile short. Calmly head toward the shoulder, or off the road if there is no shoulder. If you are unfortunate enough to be on a highway, still remain clam, and make your movements clear to drivers behind you. Use your signal, and always use your hazard lights. Make sure to alert the other drivers that you are experiencing car trouble. Remain aware of your surroundings and continue monitoring your mirrors as you move your vehicle off the road.

After safely getting off the road, make your distress noticeable to all passing traffic. Use your hazard lights, reflective triangles, flares, or flashlights to alert other people. When it is dark out, leave the inside light of your car on to attract attention.

While following the above procedures to ensure your own personal safety, investigate the problem.  If the problem is something you can fix yourself, be sure to stay far enough away from passing traffic while working. Rather than rushing or hurrying to get somewhere, take your time because your safety is always the most important.

Should your investigation lead you to a problem you cannot repair on your own, do not hesitate to call for help. Use your cell phone to call the police or AAA. If you do not have a cell phone, wait inside of your vehicle, and try to catch site of a police car or other emergency vehicle. Don’t flag down other vehicles, and if someone stops to help you, remain in your car and ask them to call the police. >

We do not recommend walking on the side of any road, especially a highway alone. If it is possible to walk to help, without endangering yourself you can try that as well. However, while walking, remember to walk against traffic so you can always see what is coming toward you, and remain as far off the road as possible to keep away from traffic. Back to top

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