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How to Jump-Start a Dead or Weak Automobile Battery in your vehicle

When an auto-battery fails, a jump-start is the usually the best way to temporarily get the vehicle ’s motor moving again. There are safety risks that go along with jump-starting your vehicle and automobile, so it is important you use the proper technique. The National Safety Council has an officially recommended procedure for jumping your auto:

* Position the vehicle with the dead auto-battery adjacent to the automobile with a healthy auto-battery. You will want the car positioned so the auto-batteries are close to each; this will make using the jumper cables easier. The voltage level of both auto-batteries must be the same.

*Always look through the vehicle ’s owners’ book of both cars for any specific instructions as some vehicles have specific instructions that must be followed for safety or efficacy reasons.

*You must turn the vehicle ignition off and set the automobile ’s parking brakes before attempting the jump-start. A vehicle with automatic transmissions should be set in "Park" and an auto with manual transmissions set in “Neutral.”

*If possible, put on safety glasses and gloves while jumping the car or vehicle.

*This is the proper order to use jumper-cables to start your car or vehicle engine back up, unless otherwise indicated in vehicle’s owner’s manual:

1. Do the positive charge (+) first.

Clamp the positive end of the booster cable, you will see the (+) symbol on it, to the positive (+) post of the car dead battery.

2. Then clamp the other end of the same cable to the same marked post (+) of the vehicle booster battery.

3. Now connect the negative (-) booster cable on that same end to the other post of the booster battery.

4. Make the final negative (-) booster cable connection on the engine block of the stalled vehicle away from the battery. Again do not put the final negative booster cable connection on the battery itself, but place it on the engine block where it will absorb the charge.

Here’s a quick version of the instructions.

Positive cable of dead battery. Positive cable on booster battery. Negative cable on booster battery. Negative cable on engine post of stalled vehicle.

5.Now turn on the ignition of the booster vehicle and allow the engine to run for a few minutes. It is important you let the car run to build up the charge.

6. Now start the stalled vehicle. The engine will probably heave a bit at first and you may need to apply pressure to the gas peddle several times to get the car’s engine started. Don’t be afraid to pump the gas.


Follow this procedure in detaching the cables from your car. They now have a live charge in them and can cause serious electrical injury.

Remove the cables in the reverse order of connection. Be cautious to never allow the booster cables to touch each other or come in contact with car parts. Also, be sure to avoid your vehicle engine fans which the cables can get caught in.

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