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A Vehicle Blowout on the Highway

Experiencing a vehicle tire blowout is always scary, especially on the highway. You must stay calm and slowly pull your auto off the road. The most important thing, obviously, is to retain control of the vehicle. You want to keep your car on the road, pointed in the right direction, and avoid swerving into other lanes, or off the road suddenly. Like anything else, the key is to remain calm and, ideally, be prepared in the event that you do experience a blowout.

  • Most importantly do NOT slam on your vehicle brakes, in fact do not even touch your brakes, just take your foot off the gas and let the car lose speed on its own.
  • Immediately put your hazard lights on to let other drivers know you are experiencing auto trouble.
  • If you need to switch lanes to get off of the road, always use your car  turn signals.
  • Get off the road, or if possible, off of an exit.
  • Do not stop your vehicle in traffic!
  • Once you are a safe distance off the road, brake smoothly and slowly until your vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  • After you stop, draw attention to yourself with flares or reflector triangles.
  • Call AAA or any necessary emergency vehicle services.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, put your safety first. You are more important than your car and your schedule. Back to top

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