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Vehicle Tips for Driving your automobile With ABS

Tips for driving with ABS: Remember one critical thing when driving your ABS-equipped vehicle. Always “brake & steer.” When you push the brake pedal, steer as you would normally until car comes to a total stop. Don’t remove your foot from the brake pedal or pump the brakes, because this will disengage the ABS system. Just remember, you can steer your car while using your anti-lock brakes! It is the magic that ABS-equipped vehicles offer.

Also, to repeat this important point; driving safely, practically and intelligently is the only way to ensure a safe driving experience and a long-lasting vehicle. Anti-lock brakes were invented to help you drive you car more safely, but they will not drive the car for you. You must be a smart driver of your automobile!

One last time! Anti-lock brakes do not compensate for driving your car faster, more aggressively, or maintaining unsafe following distances between you and another vehicle. ABS does not guarantee recovery from a spin or skid prior to an emergency application of your vehicle brakes. Do everything in your power to avoid these situations.

Expect noise and pulsation in your car brakes. These sensations inform you, the car operator, that the ABS system of your vehicle is working properly.

A car with ABS can stop more quickly than conventional systems on icy, wet or snow-covered roads. On gravel roads or roads with freshly fallen snow, your vehicle stopping distance can be slightly longer, but you will not encounter any wheel-locking associated with conventional brake systems. This will help you from colliding into any other vehicle or sliding off the road.

Remember the difference between four-wheel ABS for your auto and rear-wheel ABS for your auto. Four-wheel is found in passenger car, whereas rear-wheel ABS are exclusively found in light-truck vehicles.

Know that there is a difference between four-wheel and rear-wheel ABS. Four-wheel ABS prevents wheel lock on all four wheels of your car giving the car-driver greater command of the vehicle’s steering. Drivers of four-wheel ABS cars must firmly apply pressure on the car’s brake in an emergency stopping circumstance and keep their foot applied until the car stops.

For the light truck vehicle with rear-wheel ABS, remember, the front wheels of the automobile can still lock, similar to vehicles with conventional brakes. Should this occur, you do not need to pump as an operator of a conventional vehicle would. You need to ease up on the vehicle’s brake pedal with just enough pressure to get the vehicle’s front wheels moving again, so you can steer your auto.

Remember rear-wheel ABS owners, should your vehicle’s front brakes lock up, don’t pump, just ease.

It is not hard to see if your vehicle is equipped with ABS. To make this determination about your car or truck, look on your auto’s dashboard. All vehicle manufactured with anti-lock brakes have an illuminated ABS emblem on their dashboard that lights up upon the ignition of the car’s engine. Also, you can check your car owner’s manual or ask the auto dealer from where you purchased the vehicle.
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