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When you receive automobile shipping quotes back from companies, remember that you should not base your decision on price alone. Like most things in this world there are normal fees for certain things. When you get automobile shipping quotes from competitive company's, they should all be relatively close in amount.

Deciding on the auto mobile shipping company to pick, should be based on a few factors.

  1. Feeling comfortable with the person you are speaking with on the phone, and make sure that person is knowledgeable about auto shipping and handling of your vehicle.
  2. Go over the companies auto transport policy's, refund, guarantee etc.
  3. If your vehicle has any special needs make sure the auto shipping company can comply with them.
  4. lastly, if you request to ship your automobile in an enclosed auto transport carrier instead of an open trailer, make sure that it is available for your vehicle.

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Why are some automobile shipping prices much lower then others?

One reason this happens is when the car shipping company already has an auto transport carrier headed in the direction of your destination and there is extra room on there trailer. That allows them to discount their rates more. Although this is not always the case. Warning, if the price is to low then you should get a second opinion of the company from a shipping directory or Business bureau. Always confirm that the vehicle transport service you are using is licensed, insured and experienced so you can be sure the job will be done right.
NOTE: All car transport companies at are insured, bonded, licensed and experienced in the automobile shipping industry.

Automobile shipping and Car delivery service is available anywhere in the USA. International and overseas vehicle transport services are also available. When it comes to shipping your vehicle, helps you find the right carriers for the right price.

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