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Top photo: Car transport carriers come in different sizes and shapes. Some are large 9 auto carrier trucks while some are single flatbed trailers. In the above photo we can see this vehicle shipping truck is custom and has a 2 car trailer in front as well as an additional carrier trailer in back. You will notice the 2nd trailer is attached and is circled in green in the photo. Having an attached trailer lets the car transporters haul additional vehicles if they need to. You may be asked what’s the point of having this trailer be able to detach? Well if the car transport company has fewer cars for auto delivery then they will not use the attached trailer. Driving with an empty trailer cost money because it is additional weight for the auto shipping truck to haul. This comes in handy when doing car delivery for individuals who live in small or tight streets where a large car transport carrier truck would have tough time maneuvering.

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Above photo:

In this photo you will notice the green circle showing you how this BMW 3 series was tied down and secured in place for the car delivery it is receiving. You can notice the strong yellow straps go through the rim of the tire and secure on 2 separate sides of the auto shipping trucks trailer.

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Above Photo you can see in the green circle the yellow strap that is used to secure the BMW in place during the car transportation process. As you can notice the strap is strong enough to hold the vehicle yet safe for the automobile.

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The above picture you can see additional vehicle that this truck was transporting. In the green circle you can notice the strong metal buckles that the tire straps are attached to. These metal buckles are what these vehicles are counting on to keep them in place while the car transport truck is in motion doing its delivery.




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