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Vehicle shipping companies work with manufactoerors to ship new automobiles direct from the factory to dealerships. This is a good example to prove it because in the above photo you can see a large selection fo Audi cars and Suvs that are being transported by car transport carrier on the highway. You may also notice in the picture that the cars are covered with a sheet like material. This material is to keep the cars showroom clean and in new condition. Remember while your vehicle is on the car transport carrier truck it will be touched by weather elements as well as the possiblility of road dabris.
If you would like added protection for your vehicle you may request enclosed car transport service. Though it is added protection from weather and road elements, enclosed auto shipping does come at a higher price tag.

This is a very good example to show you the tie down straps used to hold the vehicle wheel in place during auto shipping service. Notice the straps go on both sides of the tire and then is attached to the carriers ramps on the truck.



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