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In the below picture you see a pallet and tie straps which are ready for a motorcycle to be driven on them and secured in place.

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Close up of the skid that the Motorcycle is driven onto and then secured in place for shipping.

This is a specially designed pallet used exclusively for motorcycle shipping. Once your bike is secured, it is safe from damage because it will not tip and the bikes around it wont tip either. Although some customers prefer to crate their motorcycles, there really isn’t a reason for doing so. This is because all motorcycle shipping is done using enclosed transport carriers and no one has access into the carrier except during loading and unloading. Yes it is possible to build your own pallet and crate. Also you might be able to obtain a crate by asking you’re nearest motorcycle dealer if they have any extra ones. Although you really do not need to do anything if you are using a professional motorcycle transport company because they will handle all safety precautions for your bike. - Vehicle Shipping Directory.

When transporting your motorcycle you need maximum protection from vehicle damage. That’s why we provide you with quality enclosed carrier vehicle shipping services. Get a free quote from the most dependable vehicle transport companies, we only provide you with rates from companies that are licensed, insured and have years of experience transporting automobiles. Nationwide and international car shipping, motorcycle transport services are available at discounted rates!

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